The agile approach to project management.

Agility allows you to visualise your team's workflow whilst keeping track of project goals and collaborative tasks.

Project progress is recreated as informative data, displayed in a variety of chart formats to promote clarity. The comprehensive user profiling system brings you closer to fellow team members.

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Build a more dynamic team.

Compliment your agile process by taking your team online with our huge range of features. Each tailored to boost your workflow.

Graphical Data

View your project progress using dynamic graphs and charts, all populated with real time data.

Multiple Projects

Agility allows you to manage multiple team projects, whilst keeping track of goals, milestones and releases for each.

Sprint Records

Keep on top of sprint deliverables with comprehensive backlogs and activity notifications, all organised by priority.

User Profiles

Allow peers to browse your skills, current projects and availability with our comprehensive user profiling system.

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